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Our new single Nothing Left out now on Basserk Records.


The sounds of BAPTIST [bæp.tɪst] are a not-so-well-known mixture of acoustic and electronic elements. Starting as young boys making music in the attic, they were only dreaming of releasing their own sound to the public and after winning a live act competition in their hometown Haarlem (NL), Matthijs Koster and Dimitri Opstal started to take things serious.

And so it happened that on January 4th 2014, they released their first EP called ‘For A While’.

It would prove to be the kickstart of BAPTIST’s journey. With this introduction of electronics mixed with acoustic drums, guitars and vocals they filled up venues like Paradiso, Tivoli de Helling, Patronaat and Bevrijdingspop Haarlem. On all these stages they hypnotised audiences with a warm, yet energetic experience accompanied by impressive live visuals making for a complete and immersive experience. 

The journey went on. By releasing ‘Damiaatjes’, a single referring to the most famous city clocks of Haarlem.

Today BAPTIST has matured, exploring a darker side. Their latest singles ‘Love Is’, ’Stronger’ and ‘Nothing Left’ featuring low frequencies, raw rimmed rhythms are released on Amsterdam based label Basserk Records. With visual artist Pepijn Borgwat taking the live experience to a next level, the journey continues…

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